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I am 18 this September, and have a very strong passion for business, and making money from whatever I can. the main reason I want to make lots of money is to pay of my parents debts, and support my family to provide them with everything they need as words cannot describe what horrors they have been through to give me a better future. I am going to study business management at university this September so that would also assist me in creating the lifestyle I want for me and my family.

What I Expect From A Mentor:

I would like someone to guide me through creating my own business and making money from my current resources. Someone who I could describe my current situation too and they know exactly what to do to turn it into the path of entrepreneurship. someone who could possibly create a timetable of daily routines which would assist in my success. someone who could help me learn how to buy shares and investments, as I would like to have a few, to help create small financial stability to survive. I would like someone to help me create an Empire and advise me throughout and in return they will always have a strong place within it. Once I've made it to the top, I will never forget the people who help get me there.

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