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Am a young man of 30years, with no wife, no friends, no kids,no girlfriend, no work and with very little knowledge with a burning desire to a successful man, make an impact and change circumstances around myself, my family and to society at large. I keep wondering when,where and how can i cause change to my life. I grew up to 30 with very little. Knowledge impacted into me and all alone without an adviser, a guardian nor a mentor to help me understand what life is all about and how live it to the fullest, accomplishing one's purpose(destiny) and be of great impact to society. i know am of age and growing too but my inability to set plans for my life, as to what to do, what not to do, where am herding in life has always been my headache, fear and my biggest problem as a man with sleepless night.
Please i need help, a guidedien and a mentor who can educate me more, broaden my scope of knowledge, impact wisdom and help transform my life into a meaningful one.... I don't mind if i have to serve a my Mentor.

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