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I joined this network, 8/3/19. I'm not sure how active it is. I'm at a point in my life where I want to share my experience with others to help people grow their businesses who might not already have a way to do it. I am realizing I'm at an age where I should share my experience, knowledge and connections. My background is Structured Finance. I basically remove project risk from fundings (debt or equity) by providing a bank or insurance company that will guarantee the transaction i.e. I turn Project Financings or Business Loans into a Guaranteed Corporate Funding.

I am currently involved in the Global expansion of non-fossil fuel based Hydrogen & Renewable Fuels. It's broad scope includes PureGreen Hydrogen(H2) & Renewable:Cars,Fueling Stations, Trucks,Off-Grid Power,Production, Potable Water, Luxury Yachts(seawater&bio), Insurance(P&C, US and EU), etc. My financial structures and financing are used for very large financing but are applicable for smaller deals and to any industry. My Structured Financing were for over 25yrs. applied to real estate e.g.: buying, selling, property management, sale & lease back-resales, construction etc. During this time I provided free counseling & financial assistance to homeowners at risk of foreclosure.When he banks began fraudulently foreclosing on millions of homes,I helped victims by successfully using the Produce the Note Defense for which I am a pioneer. More detailed information about me can be found on my LinkedIn profile. My mentees are free to connect to view my full profile.

I'm now interested in helping those getting started or wishing to grow their business. My basic advice would be, don't make small plans. Think big.

Trust and Honestly are more valuable than money. A kind heart along with a desire to do right all the time by invaluable and unfortunately rare...I hope to find those rare people.

Note: My LinkedIn profile is not public. Join and feel free to send me a LinkedIn request.

Best Wishes and Good Luck!

What I Expect From A Mentee:

Trust, Honesty, Integrity are missing in this world. So is kindness and the ability to listen. I am looking for like minded people to help. I have turned down many more deals that I agreed to participate in over the years due to bad people being involved...more concerned with stealing my financial structures than cooperating together for the benefit of all involved. It's been a long journey...I can guarantee very large transactions.....I hope to find some good people to help.

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Lovell’s knowledge and past experiences have been helping me a great deal by exploring areas I wouldn’t have thought of myself. I enjoy speaking with him on the phone moving forward with my business.
Thank you

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Written about about 1 year ago

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