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My name is Bryanna Turner, I am from Waycross, Georgia, I am 38 years old, I'm still way different than most and I isolate really bad because I have the gift of being an empath and I stay to drained to deal with my own feelings and emotions so being around someone else to take on theirs too is way more than I can bear but I want to get out of the anti -social part of me, the anxiety I am always overwhelemed with, the learned behaviors I begin to learn at a very young age, around 4 years old, and never was told that it was going to lead me to a life of distruction, more pain, failure after failure, losing who I was or wanted to be, and so much more. I am tired of the things of the past having that much control over me and am ready to start stepping out of my lonely comfort zone. I just need guidance, support, someone to really care and not feel sympathy when you hear my long story of being broken because I made it thru that part now I'm stuck with the after affects of the impact someone else's choices can have on a person that has experienced nothing but pain, suffering, and trauma my whole life. If I did once dream of becoming something or someone one day when I was a "innocent little girl" then when that innocence was taken from me regardless if I wanted it or not bc I wasn't asked and it sure didn't stop them all when I was saying no I didn't want this, I blocked it out with any other "good" memories I may have once had before my life happened. My self confidence is way low, self-esteem, my drive, I can't find nothing to help motivate me to get out of this rutt that I was made to get into as a child. So after many years and counting of me being real hard on myself, self medicating, trying to die because I seen no reason too bc the pain hurts too much, making things much worse instead of better for myself, brokenness, lonliness, and I could go on. I know I need someone that can stick it out for the long haul bc I need mentoring in more than just this area but I thought I should start here because I can't tell you my dreams, motivations, goals, or none of the things I should have had figured out a long time ago. I want better for myself today because about 4 years ago I was sent an angel from God and his name is Rocky and he is my service dog and he has been the best therapy I've ever received and been the only thing that has helped, that they can't take away from me the moment it starts helping me more than ever, in my whole 34 years of living since it all began. He got me off all medications, he brought life back into me, he made me want to live, and he didn't just do that they was so much more but he brought me to here and I'm grateful for it. I just need a little more help from a different source at this time because our days are getting shorter and this is not how I want to be remembered by anyone or myself. I'm not happy with where I am in life and I am reaching out for someone to help me overcome all these obstacles that can do it from honesty, openness, truthfulness, confidentiality when it comes to me opening up about my most deepest scars, and just remember that this is not easy for me and totally not something I do ever, ask for help. I came from a broken, disfunctional family that is not tight or loyal at all (once you hear my whole story you will better understand why) and they are not anyone I would begin to trust to have my best intrest at hand at all times so that's why I am reaching out here. Thanks and God bless!

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