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me and my wife joenaley were a a decade experienced mentors. many people succeed in their lives through our mentor ship. we are determined to succeed in mentoring someone whom we understand, living in perhaps a mediocre, averaged life, or repeated mistakes or sin habits. lots of people dreamed to succeed in their lives but really don't know how to handle tough and unpredictable situations or even hit into right decisions when stand the test of life on the cross roads.
let's talk. let me open the right pathway to a successful life.please feel free to connect...you may email me to: uninterruptedbernie@gmail.com. i love you.

What I Expect From A Mentee:

an open minded mentee makes a mentor more effective and successful. i expect my mentees to really share their in dept problems to me without reservations or else, jeopardized the whole counsel. A half truth testimony will produce a weak flat form of solutions. and if that is so, provide a wasted time together here. lets hold our hands together and both provide the definition of our purpose here. WELCOME!

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