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Hello, my name is Carina and I am a 25 year old mother of two! I currently live in Las Vegas with my kids father.
I first moved to Vegas in 1995 with my mom and two sisters. Neither of us had the privilege of having our dad in our lives which is were I felt my problems begin. Only at that time I didn't know it because I was only 3 months when my dad left!! Growing up my sisters and I had most of what we needed, but that the one thing that is most important we lacked! And that was father figure or just someone to guide us and teach us our value and worth as we grew up! By age 12 I found myself in the streets all hours of the day and night trying to figure out life on my own...trying to fill a void that still haunts me till this very day! I met my kids father at 16 got pregnant at 19 1/2 gave birth to my daughter by age 20 four and a half years later I gave birth to my son. The life I lived thus far with my kids father is a whole other story with in itself so I'm just gonna stop here because I could go on and on.

What I Expect From A Mentor:

I simply expect from my mentor to just be honest and open minded. Tell me what I need to here when I need to hear it and to also be a good listener! Share their life experiences with me and guide me down the right path! Also to be patient with me!

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