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Hi! My name is Danni. I just turned 18 and just graduated high school. I was adopted a few years ago (for my 4th time) and at first had a great relationship with my family. My dad( birth moms husband) and I were very close and my mom(my birth mom) and I were insperable, but then hit the reality of my very rough and ugly past. I actually was diagnosed with PTSD, depression, and anxiety as a result of a really horrible abusive past and over the last year or so have developed an eating disorder. My dad is a bodybuilder so I have always had a certain look I was supposed to keep up, and when I didn't I just broke. I actually have really bad anxiety from a lot of these things and it just really stinks. I really want to be a nurse, specifically I want to be a Psychiatric Nurse and work wth kids who weren't given love and have had to go through similar experiences. I actually graduated with my associates degree and my high school diploma in the same week, and now I'm just really looking for guidance and a safe person to talk to as I continue schooling and everything! It can be really hard to talk to any family because the only sibling I have in this family is 4 year old, who takes up 95% of my parents time, and none of my other families are allowed to contact me! I just want someone to help give advice and listen! I just feel like I need a safe person in my life.

What I Expect From A Mentor:

I honestly just want someone who will take the time to care and contact me without me having to always contact them. I want someone who will listen and give advice but also just be there. I would be incredibly thankful for any help or mentor I got!

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