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Hi! I'm a 21 year old man who is in his 3rd year of college and second semester in my new programm (sociology). I'm very commited to my personnal developpement, read books, vegan, train everyday, listen to podcasts, work on myself constantly (5 am club) and overall i feel like i'm living a superb life. However, i seem to have trouble meeting new people, doing new activities with those people and mostly, testing my capacities and taking + seeing the new opprtunities that fly my way. I know a lot of it has to do with listening to my intuition and going towards my doubt + fears, but i seem to have trouble seeing the possible opportunities and realising what are the real opportunities around me. I'm very motivated and dedicated and overall just want to excell in life and reach my potential, avoiding mediocrity. According to myself, my biggest problems are, not always seeing + going toward a potential opportunity (because i know life can change anytime, any day. But since it hasn,t happened in a while i feel like i'm losing faith, even tho i feel like i'm always on the look out.), wether it's because of fear or simply not thinking it's worth it AND wanting to change my environnement, because the people around me atm dont really share my interets and values and true desires. Really want to attract more of what i seek to help me have balance between my life habits and social life and eventually meet the people that will help me get to a new level or have a different perspective on life

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I,d like to meet up with a mentor 1 to 2 times a week, no real approach preferred, just want him to give me feedback on how i'm living my life and how i can improve in certain areas i talk about.

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