Eric Putkonen

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I believe the worst of this world is because of suffering and victim mentality (it was done to me)…and our reactions to these. I believe our lives and the world are vastly improved by overcoming our suffering and not playing the victim.

For me, a deep realization into the nondual nature of the world and my Self caused many things to permanently drop away…two of which was suffering and victim mentality. I believe anyone can have the same realization / awakening and I wish I had someone to give me some pointers so I may have woken up sooner. So I give pointers to whomever wishes to talk with me about this. I also have a blog at

My focus is on self-realization, enlightenment, liberation, etc., but I also may talk about meditation, being present, or whatever else may be of help.

What I Expect From A Mentee:

A spirit of curiosity and willing to inquire within - and not looking for a quick fix. I can not commit to more than an hour a week or perhaps every other week, so I expect the mentee to try exercises or homework and then come back to share what happened and what was learned and what questions came to mind.

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