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My first real job came at the age of 16, I was a dishwasher for a local restaurant in the state of New Jersey.
What I discovered about myself was that I was Highly Motivated at a very young age, working after school until about 10p.m.
But shortly after being employed my boss said to me one day, would you
Like to train to become a Cashier. I said; Great
So in all businesses you need to have a great smile and a love for others. This position had me soring with the public, so I start another adventure. This one Selling Air Fresheners; my older brought wanted to start his own business, but he wasn't a friendly type of person. His body language was way off in left field, so I asked him for couple of cases. And I was now with a new employer wearing dress clothes, and my own personal desk.
So what I did was placed these Air Fresheners around my desk and I took the top off the lamp shape bottle. And soon after that the employees started asking me; what is that aroma I smell? Oh my New Air Freshener, wow could I have one sure. But the end of that day I had sold everyone of those Air Freshener.
So you must have technical support and skills built in your own frame work. A great secret to life in America, is understanding that the U.S. has a culture has a history. And you could match that history and adapt it into your everyday. You will be successful in any career that you may chose. (Here's an example)
I was born on the Eastershore of Maryland, my dad was from Virginia and my mother was from Maryland. So as a young boy; every summer of sometimes during the year. We had to cross the Cheaseapeke Bay. That Bay is 11,684 miles long and runs through 6 different states, and I enjoy living along this Bay in my older years of life.
What brought me here to this site; is that one Sunday afternoon my girl friend said; lets watch Undercover Boss. It was the first time I ever watched this reality show, you am a graduate from the McDonald's corporation and the Burger King Corporation and each time I completed training. I always wanted to go and help other business people to build there business to operate in the green.
So availability is very important also, are you will to sacrifice time to help others, are you will or committed and dedicated to making this happen.
So these are the true principals of changing your life, and then you have to take a look at your health. Your age, your overall Quality to good Health!
So if you feel like I could you to become the person that you would like to be in life, please feel free to contact me by email:

What I Expect From A Mentee:

Someone who is willing to try something New, willing to do the foot work. Years ago A salesman would knock on doors, have signs created explaining what they are doing. Some of these technics still exist today. We have try everything like the old saying goes: No stone unturned over!

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