Jacqueline Booth

Life & Personal Development Mentor

I am a motivated and professional young people's, children's and adult's practitioner who uses creative and diverse methods of teaching and problem solving. With 34 years of experience working with people from different nationalities, countries, ages and abilities.
I have been the Practice Supervisor/Educator for Student Social workers.
I taught at an International Kindergarten in Thailand. 5 - 6 year old children from ten different nationalities whose mother tongue was not English.
Working with a translator, I was involved in facilitating a Disaster Relief & Prevention Project in High Schools in Northern Thailand.
I facilitated workshops demonstrating to Teachers how they could be creative and innovative in their teaching methods as well as running workshops for children using performing arts, singing, music and art as a way of building confidence and encouraging them to express themselves and enjoy learning.
I have been a Special Educational Teaching Assistant working with students with a range of difficulties (autistic, ADHD, visually impaired and challenging behaviour.
A Family Support Worker working with a diversity of families, writing Care Plans and assessments.

I have mentored many young people.

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  • Member since about 4 years

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