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I was born in memphis tn raised in a small town called joiner arkansas. When i was 18 i dropped out of college and at the age of 19 i started danceing in memphis.then end up moving to dallas tx to dance.i was making good money but wasnt living my life right start taking pills heavy.i moved back home july 2014 to find myself. And i did left drugs alone and got me a job at a store. December 2014 i meet rapper lil boosie and he asked me to move to atlanta ga to work for him.March 2015 he fired me. I was going from place to place living i stayed in a hotel room for a month.may 2015 my cousin let me moved with her in clayton co. Im in a better place now but need someone who can help me become a better women. I also want my own cleaning bussiness and more.

What I Expect From A Mentor:

To help me become more of a grown lady and get myself together.and become a boss

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