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After 4 years of college and STILL not knowing what I wanted to do. A gentlemen at my current job introduced me to a Financial Service Direct Sales I accelled in and instantly fell in love with the process of calling upon my highest self and constant self development. I'm at a financial crisis where the only option I have is to build a business because no other income will support me with the debt I have on my shoulders. I drove trucks for 2 years over the road and still wasn't making enough to pay my debts. So I recently got out of that business as a whole to be around family and friends and build a life at home. I've had bad habits of "Dabbing in things" and changing opportunities when I plateau instead and stop growing. I must stop that and I MUST learn consistency. I just don't know where to start to look for an opportunity. I'm 25/M. And "I'm hungry" in the terms of The great Les Brown.

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