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Hey there i am a 19 year old black male and i am in the need of a mentor because i am feeling down about life. i don't know why i feel this way probably because of my past life and all of the changes i have been through and not seeing my father. i live with my mother and sister we are from st Louis Missouri and we currently live in Phoenix Arizona. we moved here about 2 years ago looking for a better change in our life but personally coming here was a mistake in my opinion. people we have met and problems we have ran into. i was working at UPS and i quit about 2 months ago because of stress and issues. i am not gonna lie i am a depressed person and i hate that i am . i feel like life is not meant for me i don't know why i feel that way. i lack motivation and happiness unless i see change. i have had a few anxiety attacks from over thinking so negatively. i just really want to change the way i think and feel about life. there is so much i want to do in life. i want to be more optimistic about everything even if things are hard right now. please here me out i really need help i am tired of feeling the way i feel. its hurting my spirit and i really need someone to talk to, someone who can help me out and understand that things are fine. please if you get this message email me or contact me (480) 376 5601 i would really appreciate your help, coming from another black man who i can understand. but thank you and my name is Karac Duke by the way. Hopefully you get this.

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