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I left school with no qualifications and worked in jobs that lowered my self confidence and motivation. I went back to college and started from the beginning. I studied social sciences for three years.
After this I decided to push myself further and I started studying at university. I studied psychology for three years. Throughout my time studying I have learned so much. I enjoy reading and learning. I would be interested in helping someone to help them to achieve their dreams and aspirations. By achieving goals it can open up so many doors that will allow you to go on lots of journeys while learning.

What I Expect From A Mentee:

I would be happy to keep in contact about three hours a week. For each meeting it would be great to have bullet points about anything that you would want to talk about. That way each session you can maximise your time.

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Kim contacted me two days ago and has already given me some good advice on goals. Her response is much appreciated.

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Written about about 3 years ago

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