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At the age of 18, when I graduated high school, I decided to take a regrettably long break from school. During this break I took time to settle myself into the real world getting a car and a job. During this time I realized what I believe could be the most important thing I believe any human living in America could have: Financial Freedom.
My definition of financial freedom is not having money to buy anything you want. But to make enough money to enjoy the rest of your life. To work from home and set up automated income ideally from multiple sources.

I am 23 now and attend college and work both full time. I am studying computer information technology and management systems. I've concentrated my studies in programming learning the very basics (HTML/CSS/JavaScript/jquery) and still learning more with a goal of an associates degree.
I am very ambitious, hard working and have a clear sight of how I want to end up. I'm also incredibly open minded, focus and have a good sense of humor.

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