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I come from a family that struggles with depression and is fighting it everyday. As an entrepreneur i believe everything starts with your mind and the only way i can achieve my goals is maintaining a healthy mindset. I have been an entrepreneur for a year now and have grown SO MUCH as a person. So much that i am an influence to my family. I am thankful and grateful to be able to empower my family and part of my dream is to empower tons of people around the world! If i can over come depression, control my emotions instead of my feelings controlling me SO CAN OTHERS! Im seeking a mentor that can help me excel in my career as an entrepreneur. I took my first step which is getting my mind right and fight to keep it right. Not only is my mental health important to me, but i have a dream to become the woman/wife that i wish to be. The woman/wife i wish to become is successful in all areas of her life ( mentally, physically, socially, and financially). I have a few ideas of how i plan to get there but need help with taking the next step.

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