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I've been to a lot of struggles in life I've been through marriage stepchildren raising up my own nephew stepparents and getting kicked out restarting my life from scratch abusive and a relationships from having money to not having any and then from getting my life back and I want to help those that have a constant struggle and I know how to give them the advice and guidance that they need I know I could help others I've been through depression and now I am the happiest person I could be so let me help you design your life We all cope with personal challenges on a daily basis; however from time to time we face a situation that really takes us out of our comfort zone. It may be dealing with a difficult teenager, coping with bereavement, divorce, moving house, financial difficulties, the list is endless. However, you don't need to be alone I will be able to help YOU i can provide you with sound advice and inspiration on how to move forward and help you avoid mistakes

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