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Hello! my name is Mia and I am 21 years old. I want to make my life better somehow, but i just can't shake the fact why i am so unmotivated to get up and exercise. At times i do get up and go walk to my local recreational park and walk, but i feel as if that's not enough for me. Taking the bus is kind of overrated, and i'm not always wanting to spend a lot of money on memberships at gyms. I can personally do those things, but i also feel that i don't want to do them by myself. i was currently 162 in June 2014, and downed to 120 in April 2016. how did it happen? here's a reason i will tell you right now. From June 2014-August 2016, i went to New Orleans, (yayyyy, born and raised), to better myself in school and in health. throughout those times, i have had difficult situations and tragedies i have went through, and luckily, i have gotten passed them when i have joined a program who mentored just like you guys, and i have succeeded. unfortunately, i want that passion again, where i can feel great succeeding, because someone is here to help me chase my goals and dreams and to become a better person. I have a few other spots where i need mentoring in, but my physical health on my body comes first as it is our most important image right now.

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I would like to have someone meet me twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays around.. 1pm every Monday and Wednesday.

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