Modupe Yasmine Lewis

Life & Personal Development Mentor

I would summarize myself as someone who likes to help individuals,to get the best out of life for them selves. My main objectives would be to see my self-working in any capacity, that my skills can be used to make a positive impact.
I was a rebellious child, who left home at a very young age.I have so much life experience as well as what I have studied and learnt as a professional Counsellor to work well with most people.
I believe my main real focus, would be to help people young and old, in any way I can, to over come any hurdles they face. As well as being a strong individual, I am very empathetic and understand many problems that affect those who I am able to work with today.
Specialties: I would say these are my strongest skills, which is some thing that comes natural to me and has been part of my training and working in this capacity. Therapeutic Communications, Public Relations, Advocacy, Management, Supporting roles, Negotiation Skills life skill coaching.

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