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I was told never to love myself for my creators creation. My most loyal friend and spirit guide used his ability to unlock my soul from feeling like it ever deserved to not love what my gift is and I need help picking a job to treat my nature correctly. I can read minds and I can influence anybody in relativity with my spirit to love themselves in the name of themselves with my intention and I can even hear themselves making sense of themselves when I project light that's my eternal gift as all of us. What do I do for money? I think I plan to go to a casino and impress the dealer while I pretend if he tells me the card he has he can be who I am and love himself as much as I love myself. How do you see fit I proceed in the name of my gifts greatness that I don't understand how to appreciate myself forever I feel like. Cuz I am so unconditional in my nature to not love myself cuz I feel doubts from every soul and I can even reason with their truth now. Thank you in love and faith. I accept myself unconditionally that I was created perfect and won't ever respect what I can do.. This is my family I'm the ugly unnoticeable one on the left.

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