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I don't know even where to start since my life has been a complete nightmare for the last 9 years, during which I lost everything, house, all of my savings, job, banks damaged my credit score for a log period of time, and I had to fight cancer, plus take take of my mom who was going through cancer of her own. Despite all this, I never lost my passion and aspiration for entrepreneurship and faith, as I have always felt deep inside me that I belong in the entrepreneurship world. I am highly educated, witty, hard worker and fast learner and always strive for higher learning, as I also have a passion for learning. I have been looking for a job based on my qualifications and education for over 5 years and haven't been able to find anything, but every morning I wake up with the burning desire to start my own business as I know that this will make me happy in life. I have a few attainable ideas, did lots of research, established foreign contacts for collaboration, but with limited funds and still bad luck in my life, I need someone who would mentor me and will help me to start living my dream.

What I Expect From A Mentor:

I expect motivation, guidelines, hearing my ideas and expressing opinion about it, and any insight, advise and suggestion towards making my goals into a reality.

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