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I have been studying apartment complex syndications for about six months now (obsessively). Everything in my heart knows I'm going to be successful with this venture, but I have self imposed hurdles that cripple me. I fight them daily and try to stay positive. I am about to quit my job so I can work nights (making less money) Doing this will afford me the opportunity to be available to network with brokers during business hours and establish the relationships that I desperately need to be successful in this. I'm scared, but I don't know what I'm scared of? It's strange.

I need a friend that's been where I am right now and I don't know where to find one. I network at my local REIN and I meet a lot of people but not the "one".

I don't know if your the "one" either but I'm searching everywhere. I have plans to begin building my network of brokers and I have been analysing deals and trying to get better at it. I took a coarse about multi family syndications and I've listened to every podcast in the world on the subject. (Not really but I'm still working on it). I read books and spend all my time researching real estate. I'm currently reading "Think and grow rich" to cure my mental block. I hold myself back and create obstacles. The biggest obstacle I place on myself is "who is going to invest in my deals when I've never done this before".

I interviewed property managers (this didn't go very well because nobody would call me back) so I could have a property manager on my side to overcome my lack of experience managing a property. I did meet with one though but his experience wasn't what I need on my team. I found a great real estate attorney by cold calling attorneys and meeting with a bunch of them. The one I found told me what I "can" do and what I "have to do"...and I like him. He's positive. I need positive people in my life and he is one.

This is weird, writing a stranger and telling you about myself. I'm in need of a little guidance and encouragement that my friends and family don't have to give. I love them but they are pretty sure I'm dreaming of this real estate stuff. It's not a dream, it's my life.I don't lack ambition. Im not afraid of stepping outside my comfort zone or making sacrifices. Im perfect for this. I know that.

I'm not needing someone to hold my hand. I'm needing someone to offer a little insight when I get stuck. This is all new to me and I get lost and overwhelmed too. Anyhow, if your interested in a mentorship relationship with someone who will succeed and fulfill your desire to help someone, then I'd like to talk to you don't want to just be a taker tho...I want to help you too. Maybe you don't need my help, but maybe you will let me help you somehow. Maybe there is something you hate about what you do that I can do for you? I don't know...I don't plan on being a burden that's all. I want success in my life and the people I know lives too. You included.

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