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I am living proof that natural healing works. I was overweight, in pain and lethargic in my early twenties. After medical routes failed to help my condition I tried alternative methods. After implementing these new methods I lost weight, got out of pain and regained my vitality. It is now my lifes mission to spread the knowledge and effectiveness of natural healing.

To facilitate my vision I have started my first company Qi To Spare LLC. The mission is to promote vetted natural health professionals while enticing people to use their services. The struggle I am needing gudance with is gaining practitioners so others will join and really build the community, and establish legitimacy for the site.

I am no stranger to putting in the work necessary to move forward. I built the site on my own through trial and error with no previous web building knowledge. I respect your time as a mentor and will not take our sessions for granted.

What I Expect From A Mentor:

I would like to have contact with you at least once per month. The style of mentoring I would resonate best with, you could call unconventional. I respect the goals set forth and know they are put there with my best in mind, however there's more than one way to get there.

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