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Hi, my name is Quanda, but people call me Que. Am a 36 yr old single mother of 2 wonderful lil boys, Landyn 5 & Cornelius. I have been having an internal battle for the last 2 years . Basically I have been reevaluating my life and have came to the conclusion that I have not been living up to my potential! I was in the "TOP " of everything while in school, and usually succeeded at everything I tried. I was blessed with a sensitive and sincere heart and was told that I had a personality that has never met a stranger. I had big goals and dreams growing up. I also saw good in and wanted to help any and everyone. I guess one would call me the AMERICAN GIRL NEXT DOOR. But somewhere things changed, it's like I shut down, and took a turn for the worst. For a lil over 10 years I became a complete stranger. Drugs became a part of my life and I progressed no where. Currently, am trying to rebuild myself. Am battling a addiction successfully . But I am in desperate need of guidance. I need and want my life back. I need it for my boys. I am willing to accept help from anyone who is see that I still have great potential. I refuse to give up or tap out. I am a fighter. Now I have a reason to fight. I am fighting for a purpose in life and my boys.

What I Expect From A Mentor:

I would love to have mentor who knows or has experience with people who have made bad choices in life and knows what it takes to get them back on track. I take full responsibility for my problems and I have been trying to so hard to turn things around, but I don't know where and how to start. I need someone who could maybe give me their on education opinion of my mental state. I am in depressed, do I just procrastinate, I just know something is wrong n I need someone to see the potential I possess and figure why do I continue to waste it.

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