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I have suffered a lot of bad in 53 years. I have been through more than most will ever know. But during that time, while I was completely alone, I finally grasp[ed the truth of what life really is. How? By knowing that my large family loves me regardless of what I had done. This, and where I lived for 35-years, helped me to finally understand the different types of people that exist. To see those who have failed in life and do not know it and those who reject the truth of life because they would rather hide from life than to live life anf those who need life and are seeking the truth of life and and for that to become a part of life.

What I Expect From A Mentee:

It depends on who I am mentoring as to how often we will have contact via email.
All I expect of the mentee is to see what is taking place in life. To see the different types of people. One who seeks to not repeat the same mistakes over and over. I only ask that the mentee be serious about what is happening and to do your best to not wallow in misery. Homework? That is the mentees choice but I would ask for nothing more than the mentee keeps daily journal.

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