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Hello I am a 33 year old male who was raised by the state (myself really) I had my first child at16 figured I wod make a family at 16 had no idea what I was doing we also had a son before we split! Not having a family has been hard I believe it is the cause of my depression and suicide attempts here I am years later and my fiancé and I we're raising her 3 year old and our car blew up and we lost our jobs and south Carolina home . This lead to us moving back to Ohio with her sister (not a good situation) just found out that she is pregnant ! I'm scared to fail but will do anything to make this work and take care of my family but I'm not sure what to do or how. I desperately want to learn, I can't loose them they are all I have so far we have a service willing to pay a down payment and two to three months rent upfront which I thank God for but we need a car to be able to work that's our next goal and where a mentor would help is budgeting, parenting and learning to be financially independent so that I can spend time with them instead of just working and sleeping I'm willing to work with more than one mentor if need be. It would mean the world to me even just to have moral support thank you for reading a little about me.. RICHARD BELL

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100% committed looking for idea's, advice and confidence when making decisions which my family looks to me to make major decisions for our well being and happiness . Also sometimes just need to talk or vent it helps my depression

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