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To whom may concern i have experience all kinds of hard times,good times,happy times,sad times,good jobs,no job,being homeless,having a home,death in my family from losing my mother to losing my father losing my 2 of my little cousins.i'm 34yrs old from jacksonville fla bron and rised i have moved to valdosta ga i have been here for 2yrs now i have learned it does not matter who u are how old you are or where u have came from or what u have life does not discriminate all that matters is that u have to ride the storm out through the good and the bad times always remember the storm will not last for long u have to have patient and faith through it all.i really thankyou and highly preciate you taking the time to read a little bit of my life story i really pray that i can and will be a great big help or impact to others that feel that they are along because u are not please contact me if i could or can help u in anykind of way to make your life better thanks GOD BLESS YOU ALL

What I Expect From A Mentee:

to help others be a better person in thier life to let others know that they are not along in life thier is always someone else thats going thought the same or have been thought the samething that they have been thought i have always dreamed in life that i can help others make thier life better or to help them feel better in thier life it always have been my goal to make others help and to see them smile and also to reach thier goals also thanks god bless u all

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