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During my professional career I have had numerous opportunities to mentor young women. I have been told by many of the mentees that I was inspiring and that the manner in which I mentored them was extremely helpful and that they were able to apply throughout their life and career.
I truly believe women need to have strong mentors. They need help that will provide them with the tools they will need to be successful in life and the competitive landscape.
Earlier this month I decided to retire as President of Three Designing Women. I've been fortunate to have had a fantastic career which included President of Three Designing Women, National Sales Manager, Vice President of Sales , Executive Vice President and Chief Merchandise Officer, of some of the Country's largest wholesale (fortune 500) Companies.
I’m looking for a place to apply my skills. While I just retired, I’m seeking my next opportunity that will allow me to share the knowledge and experience I acquired over the last 50 plus years! I would welcome an opportunity to mentor and share my professional and life experience with others.

Thank you
Renee Solczak
214 293-7488 Cell phone

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