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I am currently working as Director in property department of the most prestigious brand name in the world. i am a thought leader and specialize in the areas of System Improvements and Innovation. My corporate career of 20 years has been augmented by various degrees and qualifications. I am on a mission to give back what life and work have taught me. My experiences have been about the wholesomeness of life. Besides being in a global lead role, I manage to do photography semi professionally and act in theater shows. I do read and write when I find the inspiration. All these experiences have taught me to stay connected with my purpose. I want to offer my wholistic experiences in life as an opportunity for someone to unlock the hidden potential in their lives.

What I Expect From A Mentee:

Looking for a bit of open mindedness and courage to try different solution in their business or career situations. Willingness to share authentically will help in a big way.

More about this mentor:

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