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So much to say....I'm a 16yr old male who is committed to be famous. I say famous because everyone that's around me are quite content in being ordinary. I have a loving family that consist of my mom, who would do anything for me, but I feel she doesn't know my passion. She teach the importance of right and wrong, education, keeping me safe, be aware an to always do my best.... In school. I know that I should be doing better, but I'm struggling at some subjects because I lose focus and daydream.... Daydream about being famous, daydream about being popular, daydream about how to increase my passion for rap/radio/business, but she doesn't know. I have my grandmother, who is from the Caribbean and lives here in the U.S., she's smart and my little brother, who has mild form of autism. I want to make it better for all of them. My father is not in my life as of 5yrs ago. I have cousins uncles and aunts in my life which I like a lot.
I'm smart, considerate, obedient, shy and eager to learn. I love writing Rap genres, and putting music/ a beat to it. And I love to see others enjoy my creation, It makes me feel great. But most of all I'm eager to know how to work to become famous. 😀

What I Expect From A Mentor:

A mentor that knows what he or she does matters to themselves, but to me, someone who needs and yearns for that teach- mentoring

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