Life & Personal Development Mentor

My name is James A Granger. I am interested in mentoring adults and children. My teaching skills is above average and I have graduated high school as well as obtained an Associate Degree and is currently finishing-up my Undergraduate Studies. I find working with children or adults by helping them to excel to be very rewarding. I'm confident that I can make many positive contributions to any individual if giving the opportunity. I value education and understand the need for every child or adult to reach their full potential. This is what I bring to the table:

* Excellent written, verbal and reading skills
* The ability to organize and prioritize information
* The ability to be creative when solving problems and finding ways to reach you.
* Experienced in creating a suitable environment when working with you
* 25 years of business experience
* All computer skills

I would welcome the opportunity to become your mentor.

What I Expect From A Mentee:

* Maintain regular and frequent contact with me at least 2-3 times a week. At least one of these should be face-to-face exchange.

*Share your career plans with me, ask for advice and inform me about the results of various efforts and let me know your initiatives for professional development.

* Keep our content of discussions within the mentoring relationship confidential. Also, refrain from asking me for evaluative advice; rather, take advantage of the suggestions about various resources for feedback and objective evaluation.

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