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Right now, I am in career transition. My career, to me, is like a roller coaster. I am a happy, joyous and free individual with a lot of bad luck in work situations in the past. I am to myself kind of a gal who loves life and likes to help people. I am prior military and volunteer at the VA in career counseling and at one point was interested in being a peer specialist. I am to far into my career to switch careers now. However, being on a peer specialist path later in my years seems plausible.
I am looking for someone in Pittsburgh, PA, who i can talk things out about business and business relationshipszsssssss

What I Expect From A Mentor:

A person in or out of business who can discuss work situations. Present suggestions and/or guidance. this can be done face to face, on the phone or over email. It could be either a male or female, but age is important to be around 50 or older. My career field is in Supply Chain Management / Logistics. My favorite aspects are Inventory and Dispatching. I hope the mentor has a sense of humor and is informal

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