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I'm currently living in the lifechange center for women and children in my life until age 30 I was a people pleaser doing always what I fealt obligated to do do to that I dint come out until age 32 I'm a lesbian and I have 7 children and have been through serious hell I've been abused my whole life raped by six different guys at different times in my life but all within 5yrs one of the guys was my brothers friend and beet and raped me for 7 and a half months all ways imaginable my kids have been mollested 5 of them and that guy was my bestfriend for 16yrs no one knew he was such a monster not even me until our 1yr wedding anniversary I put him away for 63yrs and would do it again bcus unlike my parents I'll be dammed if someone is going to sit by and hurt my kids and get away with it I fealt let down my father abandoned me at 9 and I blame him for everything bcus had her stayed my step dad and everyone else in my life wouldn't have ever existed bcus my mom never would've been with the abusive peice of shit who ruined my life I've known since age 5 I like girls but grandma said it was gross at 16 I went to tell my mom and heard talk of wanting grandkids so I couldn't break my mom's heart so I had kids 2 are rape baby's 5 are not but they are all gifts from God and I aim to do right by them they are my life along with my girlfriend I am a spiritual Christian in a non denominational church .

What I Expect From A Mentor:

I expect you to encourage me in my goals and lifechanges in a possitive way i expect nonjudgement God will be my judge and I'd like contact twice a week and to be replied to promptly.

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