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Hello, I'm a 40 year old African American male with a wife and 3 children ( ages 21, 19 and 15. As a young child I was 1 out of 3 that happened to be raised by a single mother. I really didn't have that male figure in my life to offer me the guidance needed in order to live successful enough to raise my own family. Raising my family we went through many struggles. We've been evicted out of our homes, we been through electricity shutoff, we've been homeless, we had repos and we new what it was like to live paycheck to paycheck. Finally in the year of 2009, my wife and myself finally were able to buy a home. After we purchased our home, we thought to ourselves, "we made it and struggling days wee over". We are now living the American Dream. But to our surprise, we learned that owning a home does not mean that you have made it. A few years after purchasing our home, I became layed off from work, leaving my wife to handle the bills until I found work. Emediately we noticed that we back struggling while owning a home just like when we was renting an apartment from someone else. In conclusion, why am I looking for a mentor? I want financial freedom. I want to be able to provide for my family. I want to be able to tell my kids yes when they need there Dad to be there to help them. Most of all, I would like to be fortunate to give back and help someone else.

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