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I don't know we're to start lol. I'm in a bad way with two women that I have kids with. one im going to get a divorce with and the other an ex. going to court with my ex for custody and will be possibly doing the same with my soon to be ex wife. there both making my life really hard. I have nothing and starting completely over. I'm struggling in every way. Don't know what I'm ment to do. Can't find anything I feel is my life purpose. I just would like a great job with great pay, a vehicle, my kids, to have amazing friends and connections for myself and my kids so on, an amazing stable healthy love life or just lots of love tell then, wealth and abundance and luxury and to have what I need for my kids. There is so much going wrong on top of how far there going to make my life worse so on. I'm in lots of pain and losing hope. It's like my suffering and pain and loneliness so on gives them pleasure. I hate living like this and hating that I'm nothing to them at all.I feel cursed and that so many don't like me nor care for me because of the things they say about me and I feel everyone would rather be friends with them. I have nothing on top of not being able to finish my last half year of education witch makes everything harder. I pray that I'm looking and feeling everything wrong but I fear I'm not. I really alone. Scared, hurt and afraid. It's like I'm living in a nightmare that is there blissful dream. I just want to have a life for the kids and I and to not half to worry about money and not lose out on my kids lives and to have all I need for myself, the kids and I hope not to long from now, a soulmate who is better in every way then my exs. I just want to true my live. Enjoy life and all life has to offerfor the only life the kids and I have and to live it to the fullest. As well as for all to see the wrong they done then for them to finally see it themselves. There's just to much. I don't want to be 30 and it still be a struggle. I'm 27 now. Tell the 28th of January. I'm lost.

What I Expect From A Mentor:

To hopefully meet in person. I'm a one on one person. I have a lot going on and I'm lost. Not all that good with being on computers. Just need one person in my life that I can trust and talk to. that can guide me in the right path when I'm looking in the wrong derection. To know how to go through this world the right way. I have not one person that can actually help me in it the right way. Just basically sent out in it to figure it all out myself well going through the b.s. with two evil exs that I have kids with that are making things more then hard in ways well I'm starting with nothing all over again. I'm lost.

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