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Hello Dear Sir or Madam
My name is Russell Johnson I am 54 yrs of age I have only up to the eleventh grade with a G.E.D under my belt. I am an accomplished grade c machinist and tradesman knowledge that varies in multiple machine and area's of production and manufacturing. my father's business which was est. in 1979 is currently owned and operated by my older brother. I have been working there over 30 yrs. and watched it grow through five buildings. Through personal matters with me and my brother I can no longer work there I was let go by him (fired) excuse the drama but I felt it was time to move on so I find myself having made a choice to try owning and running a website my exp in this field is not so great but I have alittle knowledge from what my uncle shared with me when it was called bbs instead of the internet we together operated the virtual pimpf which was what it was called now I was,t the mind behind he was but I did learn alittle here and there but it only lasted a couple of yrs back then. apologies for my dribble I just trying to be through and I,m not a perfect speller nor fast typer . moving on as before I have got a domain name and a website so far with two pages a banner ,a guestbook, a counter , google adsense I think it was the frist time I did a cut and paste of script to the body of a page they told it done correctly (I thank god for that lol ) but I find my self asking myself a lot of unanswered questions all the time . before I started this there someone online help me and giving steps to follow but he just disappeared so I,m alone now I need of a kind and honest and patient person that familiar with this website administration and development. I,m allways open minded and over cautious because of the sharks and scamers that try to feed off the little guy amongst all us webers all I can do is maybe share alittle of the wealth if some is made and kindness at all times being a novice and reading about what and steps to take is slow and undetermined each day is different and don,t what to exspect would be much grateful for a person of good nature cross my path.

What I Expect From A Mentor:

most of all patient ,honesty, step by step advice , instructions to follow, and answers to my weird and unusual questions ,and friendship if possible .

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