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I want to learn with someone and work with someone that will share their experience with me, a person that is sick and tired of ignoring that which I crave -- working with my hands as a sculptor. For years i've let this desire fall away as i took on the work that paid...and i'm sick of it and ready to pay attention to this part of me that has been neglected since i was a kid. i know now that it won't happen with out me actually doing it.

I would love to build a relationship with someone that has lived it, not only to learn from, but to start a conversation with about art and the world and being a maker. i don't want to keep this inside anymore. I recognize the value of not keeping this to oneself, but of being a part of the conversation--I think that is the biggest reason I decided to look for a mentor, to build a relationship with someone with more experience than me that perhaps at some point could become more reciprocal as colleagues--not just mentor and mentee. I am looking to become a part of a community and would love your point of view.

What I Expect From A Mentor:

someone who will share their story with me
someone that will ask me the questions they wish someone had asked them
someone that is willing to work with me at least once a week

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