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Hi my name is Xavier and i have been rapping for 9 years now. I am a very good free flower. I came to rapping because i was not good at singalong with the songs or music, so i made my own lyrics .Then i practice from there more and more i enjoyed it it gave me a high a feeling i never felt. I would rap occasionally to other people learn to accept criticism, But my knowledge of the art has expend in so many ways its actually help me learn more. To go futher and learn new words everyday and learn the definition of them. So i like to use big wards. Now and days i want to learn more about my self why i do things the way i do or why i fall victim to something so i learn about it and look it up and studying it. Rapping has helped with everything in my life, from deppression to knowledge, to being a better person in general. I love words because of the art. I have been collect words every other day. Words i find that intrigue me , words that move me. It is how i see life i think in a way where everything is connected . So i read these self help books by the author Robert Green and read on his books one of them was mastery one of the books he wrote. He motivated me to go look for a mentore. Also i never got on stage and rapped and front of people i have dreamed of it.I just never came across. So i have no practice there. Just rapping pretty much everyday to my self. I want to persue this if you can help me with it. Also i am not able to write so if you can help me on this. That would be awesome!

What I Expect From A Mentor:

I want mentore to show me how to use my words in a way to imbrase my self. I want them to show me how to get started. I want to live this i just dont know how or where to get started. I feel like i have been oppressing my self with trying to do other things to make me happy wheni know its just my survival instinks kicking in and not what really make me happy. I think happyniss is a reward not a right.

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