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I suffer from a few different mental illnesses which have worsened since I recently lost my mom. I'm on disability so I don't have a lot of money. I want to be a person that makes the world a better place but my condition prevents me from a lot of ways people can make a difference. Writing allows me to express myself and hopefully turn my pain into something beautiful. I want to be a stronger writer so that I can use my words to change or grow my readers knowledge and understanding of things the might otherwise not be exposed to or judge because of a lack of knowledge. My poetry covers loss, fear, depression, lgbt issues and my passion for a fair and just world. I am passionate and I try to put my heart and soul into everything I create. In addition to poetry I also paint and graphic design. As a child I was kept in special education classes which did not teach me many things a student would know how to do after graduation. Therefore when it comes to grammar I am very weak. As a mentee I will go above and beyond to learn all I can and do whatever I am asked. This is my dream and I will stop at nothing to accomplish it. I just need some guidance to help me find the right direction to go in. For examples of my work I am on instagram @capsuleviolet.

What I Expect From A Mentor:

I just need direction and for someone to take a chance on me. I will work hard and follow adivce. I am a very passioI sent a request to you about being my mentor, but you haven't responded. I am not sure why perhaps you are busy. In the case that you saw my message and did not think me worthy I would like to plead my case. I just need a chance to show you my work and my passion. I'm a dedicated and hard working person. I am passionate about writing and art. I not only write poems, but create graphic desgns to go with them. I also love to paint abtract art. I do however need a little direction innat3e and hardworking person. I want to grow as a writer and artist. I just need a little help to know what I should be working on.

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