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My name is Astrid Nkosi. I have a certificate in Human Resources Management, a Diploma in Computer Engineering and a degree in International relations and diplomacy. I have worked for the department of International Relations and Cooperation in South Africa for the past twelve years as a personnel officer/secretary and have worked in Windhoek Lesotho,Dubai and Kazakhstan as an attached doing secretarial, administration and consular work. I resigned following a severe depression in 2012 and have been trying to get back on the working environment ever since but I'make frightened and don't trust my abilities or skills anymore. And things have changed since then. I don't what skills are relevant now. I am a shy person but my work gave me the confidence to get out of my shell. Even then I was had hunted to become managers and CEO of companies but never thought I was good enough. Tried going to one interview and I had a brain block I forgot everything so that really hurt my self esteem in a really bad way.

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