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Having worked in corporate, financial services for now over 30 years and now my current role has me feeling misaligned and exceedingly miserable and ready for a positive change to a new career. Although all looks great on paper, job search results are just producing more of the same. I would like to transition to a new job immediately and believe working in silo is not the way to go any longer.
I am artistic, creative, articulate, and heart centered when working with others. I would like to find a new job career that is not so stressful, working with people that appreciate my skills, and affords stability and alignment with what I enjoy. I have started some creative projects over the last years, following layoffs. I now have clients and proof of concept that my work is valued. I would like your help with finding a suited position in NYC that can support me as I transition as an entrepreneur. I am also looking to create a plan to take my creative work to the next level. Thank you in advance. DeVonne-marie

What I Expect From A Mentor:

I'd like to meet weekly for an hour or so.
I'd like a mentor that is compassionate and sensitive.
I'd like a mentor that can empathize with my situation, is knowledgeable and consistent.
I'd like a mentor that sees the best in me and is passionate about supporting others in career guidance, creating tangible next steps, planning, team-building, and helping others reach their potential.
I expect advance notice if we cannot meet, honesty,respectful communication, and kindness throughout this journey. Thank you in advance.

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