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I am a beginning computer science student. I am 54 and have a BA in Athropology, an AA in Accounting and an expired multiple subject teaching credential. I'm studying programming and web development. I was thinking of looking for someone successful in the field, but as for now, I think I would benefit more with from help with things I didn't think I needed before - time management, organization, goal setting, working through "stuckness", mood and motivation, and confidence building. I tend to try to do everything at once and lose focus or get sidelined with non-priority projects. Getting started with a new learning project is also something I'm struggling with, trying different tacks, trying to avoid discouagement and find systems that work for me. As far as my interests, I've been studying memory, learning and self-development, I write and perform music, I've just started home schooling my 17 year-old son and I read whenever I can on pop science, non-fiction, geopolitics, literary fiction, sci-fi, philosophy and am learning Japanese. I also write. I'm hoping to build a strong foundation so I can mentor others. I should add that quit drinking after seven years of trying and repeated medical detox and rehab and I would have died soon, as my liver was starting to give up on me. I did not get religion, at least in the supernatural sense, nor the religion of "spirituality" suggested by AA. This took 7 years. I have, as they say, a new lease on life. I just throw this out there because it's why I'm not headed towards my cubicle tomorrow morning.

What I Expect From A Mentor:

After the first meeting, I'd like to touch base with messages once or twice a week and have a meeting once a week for 20 minutes or as you have time for. I'm choosing an open source Kanban board app, and notes/"to do" manager that I would like to share, but I'm open to different project managers if you have one you already use. I don't have much F2F contact except my son, my dog and going to the store, plus one of two nights a week for hybrid online/classroom lab classes, so some Skype would be good for me, not just text or voice.

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