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Hello, I'm Hakim and I LOVE COPYWRITING.

I've studied copywriting for the past three weeks and it's genially something I'm considering doing full-time.

I tried to study as much as I could during my free time, I've taken the Nevile Medhora copywriting course and it was an amazing experience where I learned a lot of stuffs. I've read and reread the Borron Letters which really made me fall even more with copywriting. And at the moment I'm reading "Advertising Secrets of the Written Word by Joseph Sugarman"

I'm also writing and copying famous copies by hand as they said it was an exercise that helps improve writing copy.

We all know how much a mentor is important, as it is essential for someone to give you critics on our work and correct in order for you to move forward.

If you are a copywriter looking to teach his skills to a person who is really motivated in this field, I promise I won't disappoint you. I'm willing to work and write for free in exchange of a good mentor-ship.

Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope to be in your consideration.

PS: I'm also good with graphic design, so in case you need a writer and someone who can also design the background of writing, I'm your guy.

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