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Expert People Development Coach…Building A Transformational Culture through Critical Thinking. "Let Me Help You Grow"

I was born to inspire growth, growth of people and businesses. This is demonstrated by my depth of experiences and education in the area of developing people and businesses for over three decades. I am a certified Professional Life Coach, and proud earner of Masters in Organizational Management. This is just but one way I aid in building a bright future.

For the past several years, I have been focused on Coaching, Training, Developing and Sustaining People. I love people and value the opportunities of moving them forward. My focus is professionals newly-bred in their careers or those looking for a change, be it a promotion, a change of companies or careers. I specialize in:

- Coaching, Mentoring and Performance Management
- Development of Leadership, Management Teams and Individuals

This is done through:
- Proven transactional processes that are transformational via critical thinking
- Sessions designed to help you discover your identity, but more importantly your inhibitions.

I will prepare you for a future of growth and prosperity by designing and implementing a unique platform that reaps results. There’s greatness in each and every one of you. Let me help you unleash your full potential.

What I Expect From A Mentee:

Conviction, Passion, and a Willingness to potentially change and/or think differently. These are the core understandings being "Mentor-able." The value is what you put into the work, and the reward is what you apply going forward.

More about this mentor:

  • Member since almost 8 years

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