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Tendai Dara is an inspirational entrepreneur who has found success in pioneering several businesses. Equally passionate about influencing positive change, Tendai is an avid supporter of non-governmental groups, charities and organisations that promote the empowerment of the next generation. An award-winning speaker, Tendai has made a lasting impact on every audience he meets, thanks to his high energy and high output presentations. Named amongst The Young Independent’s SADC Top 100 2019 list, which recognises aspiring leaders in sub-Saharan Africa, Tendai’s impact on the continent and beyond is undeniable. When booked as a speaker, Tendai explores essential topics such as team building, leadership, and purposeful business.
As an accomplished author, Tendai has published two books that have sold worldwide, the first being Turning Point, which explores how purpose shapes our environment through psychological decision making. His most recent book is The Success Pyramid, which has had a transformative effect on readers leading them to create action from their imagination, and ultimately success. Expanding on such topics at events, Tendai is known to discuss scalability for start-ups and achieving goals both personally and professionally. As a speaker, he has been invited to present for the likes of the United Nations Academic Impact and the World Youth Forum.

What I Expect From A Mentee:

Cooperation, trust and honesty are key to successful mentorship. You can receive the right mentorship remedy only if you open up and trust your mentor.

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