William Oxford

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I'm a college graduate who has mentored fifth graders in 1998 and two high school students from 2009-12 until they graduated May 2012. I've become a jack of many trades which include: Mentoring in life issues like bullying, along with math, English, public relations documentation and crisis management. One of my favorite times was in college when I hosted a radio show solo. I had a co-hostess for two weeks. I mentor in topics like how to transform negative energy into positive energy taking and drawing positive from a negative situation, how to redirect one's personal energy in a positive, productive manner. I was an Editor n Chief for two music and entertainment magazines, also a published poet and brand new to film script writing. My work history is 80% blue collar. I'm a God fearing family man. Any of the above can be confirmed upon initial meeting. Thank you in advance for any opportunity to reach out and help.

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