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I always wanted to be successful, I wanted to be the best role model for my two younger brothers, and I also wanted to make my mother and step father proud. I was raised very strict but my parents always told me that when you get older you would understand. I truly value hard work and that is something my parents taught me. They wanted the best for me, they put me and my brothers in a great school that prepared you for college. I always had a goal to pursue a university and I plan to major in Sustainability and Business, I always wanted to learn more about money. I started to see everything around me and it was mainly people advertising and selling me things so then I knew that business was all around me. I chose Sustainability as well because I enjoy the concepts such as helping the environment and helping society. I not only want to learn business but I want to create something that helps people to.

What I Expect From A Mentor:

I plan to have a mentor who can give me great advice and answer any questions I may have. Please and thank you

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