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Hi my name is Keeley Gilmore, I am a woman of a particular age, I work at County of Los Angeles at the Dept of Mental Health as a Community Worker / Parent Advocate. I am entering my studies at Cal State Dominguez here in Carson, CA. My interest in working with individuals that have no one that can advocate for them to make sure there basic needs are taken care of, which could include there financial, housing, etc. My interest in getting into the field of becoming a Licensed Conservator. I am in need for someone that could Mentor me to direct me in the right direction with my studies and possibly direct me to an agency that would be interested with giving me on the job mentoring / career development. I am willing to volunteer at an agency at least 2 days a week while I am a student in school. If you are interested in Mentoring me, please contact me at

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I am looking for someone that is interested in teaching me how I can understand this field and Conservator. Also someone that can direct me with my studies to inform me what course I should take to come a License Conservator and direct me what major in my studies that will benefit me for my career goal as a Licensed Conservator. Someone that see's my skills of helping others for which I have been in the helping field for many, many years, also since I have been in the field of Mental Health for sometimes guide me so I can reach my personal goals and career.

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