Dawson Foshee

Business & Entrepreneurship Mentee

I am a Senior in high school willing to do WHATEVER is necessary to become a successful entrepreneur and leader. I see all these African children in Africa starving to death and my life goal is to make a big difference in these peoples lives. I would want to feed all these people with at least 2 meals per day. I would also love to clothe these people and renovate and fix up their "homes". I want to make a difference in this world. These children's lives are my motivation. I would also like to build a shelter for the ones who are lost. Lost meaning those who have lost faith in Christ. My goal is to save hundreds of thousands to millions of people. I know it is possible for me to accomplish this, because God will help me through it all.

What I Expect From A Mentor:

I would expect that my mentor teach me how business works and how to start my own business. I have never had a mentor before so I am not completely sure exactly who I am looking for. But I would hope that my mentor would be a loving father and husband as I wish to be. But not only a successful leader of my family, but also successful in business to make money not just for me and my family, but to help feed children over seas who starve to death every day. That is my motivation. I would want my mentor to be a "generous" man, meaning not keeping all of his success and money just for himself, but to help other people and to make others peoples lives better. But most of all, I would expect my mentor to be a faithful Christian man who loves God, as I do as well.

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